Annual Work Party

Renton Fish & Game Club Rifle Range

Hello, Your club is asking you to join us at our annual work party on Saturday, March 23rd. Every range will have projects that need to be completed, and lunch will be provided. The work continues all day, from 9:00am to 3:00 or 4:00pm.

Come early, come late, but please come and help!

Remember: Work hours will be earned for you, and can help reduce the cost of your 2024 – 2025 renewal dues (if you donated 20 total hours during the member year). To make sure your hours are logged, you will need to sign in when arriving and sign out again when leaving at one location (Main clubhouse or rifle/pistol clubhouse).

Family members are welcome. Tools at the club are limited, if you have any please bring them. Please call the range at 425-226-1563 with any questions about tools to bring.

Some tools typically needed:

Shovels (flat and pointed), leaf rakes, garden rakes, push brooms, loppers, weed eaters, power edgers, gas blowers, hedge trimmers, pole trimmers, chain saws, WHEEL BARROWS, pressure washers & hoses, ladders, small tractor with front loader bucket and backhoe attachment, Bobcat, small or large excavator, riding mower.

Personal Protective Equipment (gloves, hearing protection, safety glasses, rain gear, etc.)

Thank you and we hope you’ll join us!

Renton Fish & Game Club