Policy for multiple loading firearms on the Rifle Range

October 6, 2016
  1. You must be a member of RF&GC.
  2. Talk to the Range Master at the Rifle Range about your desire to multiple load your firearm.
  3. The Range Master will observe your proficiency of the following criteria:
    • All safety rules as posted being adhered to.
    • Chamber all rounds in the direction of the target. (be aware of where the projectile would impact if the rifle slam fired).
    • Keeping the rifle pointed towards the target while loaded.
    • General gun handling skills, shifting/moving the rifle while loaded (muzzle stays pointed at the target), trigger finger off the trigger until ready to shoot, etc.

Once the Range Master has had time to observe these skills, go and talk to him. He may or may not grant you permission to multiple load. He will let you know if you need to work on certain areas or items if permission is not granted.

Once permission has been granted the following will apply:

  • If any trigger work has been performed on the firearm only two (2) rounds may be loaded at one time until the firearm has been proven safe (some semiauto firearms may go full auto if trigger work was not performed properly)
  • A maximum of five (5) rounds may be loaded at one time.
  • Maintain a slow cadence while firing (no faster than one second per round).
Lastly, this is a member privilege that can be revoked at any time. Permission to multiple load is at the Range Masters discretion only. No one else may authorize this activity.