Range Information

The Renton Fish & Game Club is a private, non-profit shooting club that provides public access to our shotgun, rifle, pistol, and archery ranges. We are conveniently located 5 miles east of downtown Renton, WA. on the bluffs above the Cedar River. (See the map for details.)

Eye and ear protection are required on all firearms ranges. A waiver form must be signed by guests each time they visit the range.

Rifle and Pistol range users: It is highly recommended that new visitors, hunters sighting in, and people who have not been to the range in over a year use the new Expedited Check-in process to minimize waiting time.

Range Hours:

** Shotgun/Archery Range **
** 10am to 6pm (or dusk, if first) (Summer Hours) **

** 10am to 6pm year round for Rifle & Pistol Ranges **

The range is closed every Monday and Tuesday.

In the event of snow, if the Issaquah School District sees fit to close Maywood Middle School or Liberty High School, then the range may also be closed.

The Renton Fish & Game Club provides a variety of shooting ranges including:

Rifle and Pistol Ranges

Renton Fish & Game Club has more than 18 covered rifle benches and 20 covered pistol bays for shooters to sight in and practice with their firearms. The rifle range offers shooters 50, 100, and 200 yard ranges. The pistol range offers shooters 25 foot, 50 foot, and 50 yard distances. The single range fee includes the use of both rifle and pistol ranges, and there are no restrictions on the number of firearms per person. The rifle and pistol range also offers a wide variety of paper targets and a limited variety of ammunition.

New to our rifle and pistol ranges? Try our new Expedited Check-in process.

Shotgun Ranges

Renton Fish & Game Club offers a wide variety of shooting games for the shotgun enthusiast. We have 5 trap houses set up to throw American and Continental Trap. Renton also hosts the only Olympic Trap field in Washington State for those seeking a real challenge. We also have a skeet field. The shotgun range sells 12 and 20 gauge ammunition. Shot size is limited to #7½, 8, or 9 on the trap ranges and #9 shot only on the skeet range.

Archery Range

Our archery range is a walk-through range with bag targets set at various distances.

Action Bays

Our action bays host a variety of events ranging from competition to law enforcement training. Use of these bays is restricted to qualified members, their guests, and participants of club approved events. Please see the club action bay requirements page for details.