Black Rifle League

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This months event (10/26/2019) will be our Halloween Zombie shoot. Showing up and competing in costume will get you 10 bonus points! We will also bee shooting in afternoon (3:45pm) so you may want to have a weapon mounted light

Join us in sharpening your CQB rifle skills by utilizing sound tactics and technique to run through a course while engaging targets with your rifle and pistol. Course layouts vary each month and contain hostiles and no-shoots. Put your skill and training to the test by shooting on the move, utilizing cover, and engaging hostiles in a 180 degree arc of fire. Find out if your gear holds up and performs to your liking in the elements. Rather than focusing on speed and score, we emphasize good decisions and techniques that maximize your survivability in a self defense scenario.

All skill levels are welcome. Please check the event calendar for the schedule.

You are required to show up on time and attend safety briefing to shoot. Current time is 3:45pm for signup. If you show up after this time, you may not be allowed to shoot. Please be on time!

Required equipment:

  • Rifle in .223/5.56, 7.62x39, 300 BLK, or similar cartridge (no .308 or above) with 2 magazines. Ther is also a class for PCC's
  • Pistol with holster and at least 1 magazine
  • Eye and ear protection
  • 40 rounds of rifle ammo, 1 box of pistol ammo

Suggested equipment:

  • Weapon mounted light for your rifle and pistol (it gets dark out here in the winter months)
  • Sling for your rifle (unless you are willing to drop your rifle into the mud and gravel during transitions)
  • Hat with a bill (mud tends to fly when the berms are hit)
  • Chest rig, belt rig, or plate carrier
  • Any other gear you consider part of your prepper, emergency, first responder, or end of the world equipment

Fees (subject to change):

  • General Public: $20
  • Law Enforcement / Military: $10
  • Members: $10

You are encouraged to wear your gear. It is fine if you do not have all the latest and greatest equipment; this is a great place to see what people are using and to figure out what works for you.

For more information, contact Sean Wade at

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