April 13, 2012

Purpose and Background: In the interest of ensuring safe usage of the Action Bays for practice and/or recreation, the Board has determined that trained, responsible, Range Safety Officers are a prerequisite to usage. The Action Bays are the only facility on our Range that do not have full-time Range Safety Officers on our payroll. Therefore our objective is to make certain that those individuals using that facility have all of the training necessary to protect our Club, the shooters and the public.

The Board has asked the Discipline Chairs for Cowboy, IDPA & USPSA to conduct special training for members that wish to earn the privilege to use the Action Bays (this applies to non- sanctioned shoots of the Disciplines that are authorized to conduct shooting activities in the Bays) for practice and/or recreation.

This special training includes, but is not limited to, a complete review of the Board approved Action Bay rules. This training may also include requiring the applicant to participate in regularly scheduled practice/s or participation in the normal Discipline shooting events. The amount of additional training is up to each of the 3 Discipline chairs on an individual basis, will undoubtedly vary by individual and will be adjusted or expanded based on the determination by the Chair of the applicant’s experience, other training, personal observation, etc. We have asked these individuals to use as a final criteria the fact that they trust the applicant to perform as a Safety Range Officer is expected to act. Certainly, an applicant’s achievements regarding the completion of Discipline specific Range Officer training or NRA training will be part of the equation for the ultimate determination of acceptance, as will observation of conduct by the examiner or others. Please note, we would expect that most of those that earn this right will also participate in Discipline Range Officer training, however this is not necessarily a requirement if there is sufficient evidence that the applicant meets our needs as a Range Safety Officer.

Please keep in mind, this process and requirement is designed to ensure that we do nothing to lose the benefits of the Action Bays and what they provide for the Club Members, but in fact is to ensure the ongoing enjoyment of the whole range for all of our members.

Wayne McCann, President and Chairman of the Board

Contacts for training:

Brian Howard Cowboy 425-271-9286
Scott Johnson IDPA 425-495-3988
Dave McClure USPSA 425-747-7468